You are Connected Here.

In an Honorable Society.

The Toledo Washington community has an abundance of tools and an abundance of know-how. Let's share both.


A Tool Library

Many citizens don’t have the chance to tinker at home because they're lacking the tools. We all have extra tools sitting around, so let's share them (and how to use them).


Join (or Teach) a Class

Some of us have something to share and others just love dreaming and exploring new tools & techniques. We can all learn from each other and grow as a community and an individuals.


One Day...A Makerspace

Over time we hope to have a central place where we can gather, share larger tools, and mentor small businesses get from $100 sales to $100,000 sales.

Some thoughts on our future...

“It kind of makes you proud to be a part of this community.”
Mike Morgan
Morgan Arts Center & Gallery 505
“We’re already curious what and how our neighbor is doing. Why don’t we take it the next step further?”
David S